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Former President  of the Federal Republic of Nigeria Olesegun Obasanjo
His Excellency Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, President and Commander-in-Chief of The Federal Republic of Nigeria.


Date: 24th NOV. 2005.


Gentlemen of the national and international Media, we are gathered here today to bear witness to the coming alive of a book titled The Gram Code of African Adam. A curious title for an even more curious book. Yet, when I was informed by my former Senior Special Assistant on Arts and Culture, Prof Catherine Acholonu and her co-author Engr. Ajay Prabhakar that I was going to be the Special Guest of Honor to present the book at this World Press Conference, I did not hesitate in giving my consent. I even went further to appoint one of my serving Special Advisers to review the book for the Presidency with a view to giving the necessary support to the ongoing research project that brought about this first harvest.

 It is very gratifying to me and indeed every African and every black man and woman that African scholars are conducting research that will once and for all debunk the ago old fallacy that Africa has no History. Could it ever have been true that Africa has no History, is it even possible to find any set of people of whom it can be truly said that they have no History? The answer is no, because a people with no History is a people with no existence, for nations cannot exist without making History within their own geographical environment, the fact that some other nation or nations living some thousands of miles away do not know about it does not in any way divest it of the legitimacy of that History. Professor Catherine Acholonu and her group of researchers have demonstrated that the classifications of nations, continents and peoples as “civilized?or “uncivilized?and/or “primitive?nbsp; is a matter of semantics, and that the parameters for judgement of who is civilized and who is not was predetermined in this Age by men and women who did not seem to possess all the facts of the issue.

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 The one big lesson that The Gram Code of African Adam teaches us, which is neatly couched in the book’s Foreword, is that “unless a people can write their own History, their destiny shall be defined for them by others? This is the crux of the matter and this has been the Albatross that has been weighing down the psyche and the consciousness of the African and the Black man. Today, thanks to the courage, resourcefulness, dogged determination and foresight of the men and women of The Ikom Gram Project, the black man, black woman and black youth all aver the world now possess a document that has unequivocally documented for posterity the buried, forgotten and lost achievements of our Black African ancestors on the Pre-Historic global scene.

My acceptance of this invitation is more than eloquent testimony of the importance government attaches to this project, and government places special premium on research projects that will help to advance indigenous knowledge. African culture has been assessed mainly from its entertainment content, but the book we are about to present to the world today has ex-rayed the intellectual content of African culture as well as the deeper mystical meanings of her signs and symbols.

It has demonstrated in no uncertain terms the immensity of what can be achieved through hard work, perseverance and attention to detail. I commend the researchers of the Ikom monoliths who are also the authors of The Gram Code of African Adam for their painstaking efforts and for the strength of the arguments with which they pulled together their findings and drew them to very logical conclusions that seem to me to be capable of standing any intellectual test anywhere in the world.

 These scholars have demonstrated what heights can be achieved by mankind  through intercontinental cooperation beyond the boundaries of Race, Gender and Creed. They have demonstrated that mankind can scale unimaginable heights in the vanguard of true knowledge when the barriers that have traditionally separated the Sciences and the Arts are overcome.

 In the Gram Code of African Adam, Prof. Catherine Acholonu, Engr. Prabhakar and the rest of their team of researchers searched through ancient records from sources as diverse as the pyramid inscriptions in the tombs of the Pharaohs of Egypt, cuneiform writings of Mesopotamia, ancient stone inscriptions from Cross River State, Nigeria and cave archives in the Sahara dating back more than eight thousand years, to bring to the world evidence that Black Africans were the lords of the ancient Pre-Deluge world and the Super Powers of antiquity. That our fore fathers bestrode the ancient world like Colossi, and that it was they, who after the destruction of the thriving cities of the north African nation of Agade left the home continent under the name Akkadians, Chaldean Magi Druids and Olmecs to inhabit Europe, Asia Minor, Asia Major and the Americas, bringing with them learning, Astronomy, Religion, Culture, Technology and everything that later generations were to know as civilization.  

The scientific nature of their approach to their subject is what makes it all the more intriguing. Leaning on recent discoveries in Genetic Engineering, in particular Mitochondrial DNA research conducted in no fewer than four leading universities in USA which have already proved that Eve, the mother of mankind, was an African, Acholonu and her crew went a step further to bring to the world compelling argument and evidence that mankind’s first parents Adam and Eve were West Africans and that the Biblical Center of Eden where they first lived in union with God, was a Nigeria/Cameroon location. All this is done with the highest form of respect and equanimity for all religions, races and peoples of the world and their varying shades of opinion.

The book is appropriately subtitled “A Handbook of the African Renaissance? As we all know, and this is very fortuitous indeed, for Nigeria has been championing the cause for an African Renaissance: and a Renaissance is usually not a Renaissance unless it is a rebirth of Knowledge, Art and, Consciousness, and above all, of Culture. Culture is the bedrock of all human development. Culture is the humanizing factor in human affairs. Culture is the soul of civilization. In culture lies the key to self understanding and self-actualization of every nation. This much has been demonstrated in the pages of The Gram Code of African Adam. Therefore I have no hesitation in recommending the book as a pioneering Handbook for African Renaissance and indeed World Renaissance, for the world has need of  a new vision, a new cultural paradigm that takes into full consideration Africa’s unsung heroes and the stupendous achievements of our Black African ancestors revealed unabashedly for the first time in known history through the searchlight of The Gram Code of African Adam

Acholonu and her research team have done a great job. Considering the complexity of their revelations, one can easily deduce that they have merely scratched the surface, showing us the enormity of work that is yet to be done, and they can not do it alone. They need all our support, and I call on the Academic community in Nigeria and Africa and all over the Black world to get to work on this new field of research that will eventually remove from Africa and its peoples the tag of “primitive Savage? and showcase her great potentials as the Super Power of the Pre-Deluge civilizations of the world.

 And on this note I present to you the new book The Gram Code of African Adam, to the glory of God, edification of mankind and uplifting of the Black and African Consciousness.   


President and Commander-In-Chief

Federal Republic of Nigeria.


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