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Motherism - An Afrocentric alternative to feminism
Motherism - An Afrocentric Alternative to feminism
Price: $30


         Motherism - An Afrocentric Alternative to feminism

                              By Professor Catherine Acholonu

         Afa Publications (PMB 5197,Nigeria, Abuja) 1995; ISBN 9783199714

The 144-page book ex-rays the place and role of the African woman in various parts of the continent from the traditional perspectives showing the cultural differences and the changes brought about through colonialism and the Western and Eastern Religions. It demonstrates through the analyses of African traditional way of life, her Art and pre-historic cave paintings, that the traditional role of the African Woman was essentially that of a Matriarch and a  social nurturer; and her status ranged from that of royalty and leadership to that of a goddess, a priestess, a soldier and a quintessential partner to the man in the traditional African Society.

Condition of the Book: New (But was printed earlier)

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