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Media Reports

Here are a select few press reports of the Ikom Gram project apart from the numerous other reports which the media keeps reporting on a daily basis.

We would like to thank everyone for their support especially the media both print and the digital media and all the supporters of the project who believed in us when the project was still in its infancy.

Newspapers of the World

. . .the inscriptions on the monoliths of Cross River bear testimony to Africa’s role in the twilight days before the dawn of civilization� that the monoliths were writings of a Universal Scripture, snippets of which have formed the basis of all major religions around the world� (that there are indications) that the monoliths were created before the Deluge; ... that the monoliths contain astronomical information about the sun, the earth and other planets of our solar system�that they are the origin of the symbols still in use in Science, Technology, Mathematics (especially Geometry), Astronomy, and in many world religions�such as crosses, spirals, triangles, numbers, circles, etc. . . The Post Express, August 22, 2001, p. 32.

. . .Their research which took over four years of hard work, Vanguard Arts gathered, began with the discovery of strange inscriptions of universal symbols on 350 ancient sacred stones in the forests of Ikom in Cross River State, Nigeria. This triggered off the suspicion that Africa must have been home to an advanced culture in pre-historic times. Eventually, Prof. Acholonu linked up with computer engineer, Ajay Prabhakar to bring about marriage between science and culture. The journey of the two scholars through the body of African ancient artifacts and the ancient records and scriptures of lost races of the world such as the great civilizations of Egypt, Sumer, Hindu, Cush, Akkadia, Chaldea and Mesoamerica, looking for missing links on Africa’s contributions to the history or pre-history of mankind, resulting in a full length book entitled Garamma: Stone writings of African Adam . . . Vanguard October 30,2005.

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Shocking Revelations ! ! !In a daring project ever to be undertaken on the African continent described as a marriage between science and culture, the duo have found what they call the truth and are out to shock the world. Their findings published in a book ‘The gram code of African Adam�soon to be presented to the world. .the researchers are about to put Nigeria at the centre stage of world culture and tourism. The Sun Monday, September 26, 2005

The research result was first presented before a global audience at the roundtable on Inter-cultural dialogue hosted by UNESCO as part of the Black Heritage festival in Badagry, Lagos, in May 2001.Subsequently, the research team was hosted by the Black academics and the Black communities in many states in the US, the statement said. The authors declared that they had succeeded in breaking the code of the monolith inscriptions after a meticulous study of  forgotten, buried and misplaced records of lost races of the world.  The Guardian 17th November 2005


. . .However recent work by Dr. Catherine Acholonu on the Ikom  monoliths present a different vista that, when completed, along with relevant formalities and protocols on the global stage, will permanently change the status of Cross  River and re-position that state as a prime tourist destination. In short, the gist of Dr. Acholonu's work is the unearthing of a linkage between Calabar and the ancient port city of Tilmun, mentioned in archaeological and  anthropolical  works. The key is in the deciphering of the inscriptions on the monoliths which unspringed an ancient orthography of the type used in the civilisation of  Tilmun. . . Vanguard, October 28, 2005.


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